Irish Independent review of Bleeper Subscriptions

Irish Independent Tech Editor Adrian Weckler pictured with his Bleeper eCity 1 electric bike


The Irish Independent's Tech Editor, Adrian Weckler, recently tested Bleeper's new eBike Subscriptions service by taking ownership of our Bleeper eCity 1 bike for a two-week trial rental.

The eCity 1 is Bleeper's commuter-orientated electric bike, ideally suited to getting around a city like Dublin. Below are some extract's from Adrian's review in the Irish Independent, and you can read his review in full here.

"The performance of the electric bike itself is very decent."

"The range on the bike between full charges was, I found, reliably over 40km on near-maximum motor assistance."

"The ride itself is sturdy and fairly comfortable. The saddle is very easy to adjust and I prefer the step-through style to the crossbar one."