Bleeper eCargo Cheetah


Bleeper eCargo Cheetah

The Bleeper eCargo Cheetah is the ideal electric cargo bike for your valuable ‘freight’. Whether it concerns the groceries, the children or your pet. With this cargo bike you can safely take them from A to B.
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Technical Specifications

Choosing Your Weekly Plan 

Normal Use: For €77 p/w this subscription permits the use of the eCargo Cheetah for up to 250 kilometers per week in total. It is intended for everyday use, such as commuting and leisure cycling.

This plan includes free regular servicing & repairs*. If you have an emergency, please contact and we will arrange a service for you.

*Note: Puncture repair is not included in our subscription fee.

Rider Comfort

The Bleeper eCargo 1 has a low crossbar which is suitable for cyclists from 1.60 to 2.05 meters in height. The eCargo 1 has built-in mudguards and chain covers to protect the rider from any muddy spray on wet roads.

When you pick up your bike our mechanic will recommend the seat height and handle bar adjustments which will make the bike most comfortable for you. We want to ensure your riding position is as comfortable as possible, if you would like to find out a bit more about cycling ergonomics we recommend the following article (here).

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Motor Bafang 250w Torque 80 Nm (Mid motor)
Battery 522Wh Bafang SDI cells (Fully removable)
Range *40 - 100km
Charger 36V 4A (Fully charged in 6.5 hours)
Frame Aluminium
Lights Spanninga LED
Gears Shimano Acera 8 Speed
Tires Schwalbe Big Apple
Lock AXA RLC Plus 100 + AXA frame lock
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Why Choose Bleeper?
Smart Toothbrush
Environmentally Friendly
A better, greener alternative for your travels, while reducing your carbon footprint.
No Cancellation Fees
Cancel whenever you want with no cancellation fees! Just make sure to let us know before.
Reduced Costs
Lower costs than public transport, save money with Bleeper's eCity bike.
Dedicated Support
Bleeper's support team will always be there for you, don't be afraid to send us a message!
Smart User Interface System
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Featured Image
Featured Image
Value For Money
This is the economic proposition with all the safety in place but equipped with standard battery, gear and motor. The maximum payload capacity is 100 kg.
100km per charge
550Wh battery capacity

Shimano Acera 8-Gang

522 Wh Battery Capacity

100+ Km Per Charge

200kg Load Capacity

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q1: How do I pay for my subscription?
Your Bleeper subscription fee will be charged to the bank card you provide at checkout. The subscription fee is recurring and is charged on a weekly basis.
Q2: How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time, subject to a 7 day notice period. Our minimum rental term is 2 weeks.
Q3: I have completed my order, what's next?
When you have completed your order, your subscription will automatically be paused until you have collected your bike. We will contact you to let you know when your bike is ready for collection. Bike pickups take place from our workshop in Merchants Quay, D08 K3KD.
Q4: When does my subscription start?
Your subscription will automatically be paused until you have collected your bike.
Q1: Is there a deposit?
When you collect your bike you will be charged a security deposit of €300, which will be refunded once the bike has been returned and the terms of your subscription have been honoured.
Q1: What about wear & tear?
Scratches and the odd bent spoke are an acceptable level of wear and tear and you will not be charged. If it is an unacceptable level of damage we will assess it and give you a quote to repair or replace the damaged parts.
Q2: How do I charge the my electric bike?
There is an input on the right side of the battery where you can connect the charger. You can charge the battery when it is placed in the e-bike or you can slide it out of the frame and charge it inside your house.
Q3: Is it possible to install a child seat on my eBike?
Unfortunately, no.
Q4: How many kilometers can I ride with a fully charged battery?
The range of your Bleeper eBike depends on several variable factors such as the total weight being carried (including the rider), the power setting being used (Eco Mode vs Turbo Mode), the terrain (especially hills) and weather factors such as temperature and wind. Because of all these variables, it isn’t possible to give a definitive range for an eBike in terms of kilometres, but we can provide estimates for the low and high ends of the range of each bike.

The battery on the Bleeper eCity 1 has a 450Wh capacity, which roughly translates to a range of 40-100km on a full charge.

The Bleeper eCargo 1 has a larger 522Wh battery, but because this is a heavier bike than the eCity 1 it has a similar range of 40-100km on a full charge.
Q1: What is your refund policy?
We guarantee that at the time of shipment that your product is free from defects in materials and workmanship, and that it will meet the specific requirements detailed on the lot-specific datasheet provided with the product. Should you have a technical issue with a product, please contact our technical support services.
Q2: Can I return the product?
All returns must have prior authorization from EcomSolid, and are subject to a 25% restocking fee on the items plus any shipping & handling charges. Products must be shipped back to EcomSolid within 7 working days of receipt of the items. Return condition must be the same or equivalent to EcomSolid original packaging.
Q3: I ordered the wrong product. What should I do?
We will consider taking the product back, subject to a 25% restocking fee on the items plus any shipping & handling charges. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from EcomSolid for both the returned product and the new replacement product.
Q4: My product was damaged upon arrival. What should I do?
Malfunction and/or breakage/damage resulting from any external factors after delivery of product is covered under our terms of warranty. Please notify us within 24 hours of receiving the goods. After this period or if the product was not stored as directed on the datasheet, we are unable to honor a warranty claim.
Have Any Other Question?
Please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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