Yuba Monkey Bar
Yuba Monkey Bar
Yuba Monkey Bar
Yuba Monkey Bar
Yuba Monkey Bar
Yuba Monkey Bar

Yuba Monkey Bar

Elevate your family biking adventures with the Yuba Adjustable Monkey Bars. These exciting additions provide a safe and customizable space, allowing up to three children to join in the fun while ensuring their well-being.

Compatible with :
Yuba Kombi
Yuba Spicy Curry
Yuba Fastrack
Mundo Lux & Mundo Electric
Yepp Child Seat


Yuba Bikes Add-Ons Monkey Bars

Have your kids outgrown their child seats? It’s time to ride with the Adjustable Monkey Bars!

Freedom never felt so secure – with their adjustable design and aluminum frame, the Monkey Bars can adapt to your family’s needs, while offering 360-degree support, safety and fun.

Specifications & Features 

  • Crafted From Durable Aluminium
  • Designed To Accommodate Three Kids
  • Suitable For Children From 4 Years


    Equipped with BAFANG canbus electrical cable system to assure seamless communication between all electrical elements for a problem free ride every day!

    Shimano Nexus 3 gear

    Shimano Nexus Revoshift 3-speed shifter with compact design and clear, easy-to-read optical gauge. The changes are triggered by rotating the body of the control.

    Durable Tires

    These Schwalbe Big Apple tires provide a silent and comfortable ride. Smooth start, Smart system, Improved geometry, Ideal bike for comfortable riding in the city.


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