Powunity GPS Tracker
Powunity GPS Tracker
Powunity GPS Tracker
Powunity GPS Tracker
Powunity GPS Tracker
Powunity GPS Tracker
Powunity GPS Tracker
Powunity GPS Tracker

Powunity GPS Tracker

Introducing the ultimate GPS tracker for e-Bikes! With our tracker, you can rest assured that your e-Bike is always secure and under your watchful eye. Our tracker is connected to your smartphone via our easy-to-use app, allowing you to monitor your e-Bike in real-time, no matter where you are in Europe.

  *  installation fee ‚ā¨60


Smarter than a mechanical lock.

BikeTrax is a type of bike tracking device that is designed to be installed directly into the bike, rather than being attached to the outside of the bike. This means that the device is hidden from view and is, therefore, less likely to be detected by potential thieves.Additionally, BikeTrax may have other features such as GPS tracking, real-time location updates, and the ability to set up geofencing alerts. These features can further enhance the security of the bike and help ensure its safe recovery in case of theft.

The GPS tracking offered complete network coverage

This means that no matter where your device is located, whether it's inside a building or out in the open, it can be accurately tracked and monitored.

To ensure reliable and stable connectivity, we rely on the largest and most robust mobile network in Europe. This network provides unparalleled coverage and ensures that you can always stay connected to your device and receive real-time updates on its location and status.

 With our GPS tracking system, you can have confidence in the security and safety of your assets, whether it's your bike, car, or any other valuable item. Our advanced technology and network coverage make it easy to track and recover lost or stolen items, giving you peace of mind and protection against theft or loss.

Immediate alarm in case of theft

Our system is equipped with an immediate alarm that will activate as soon as any unauthorized movement of your bike is detected. This alarm is designed to provide you with instant notification of any potential theft or tampering, allowing you to take immediate action to recover your bike.

 In addition to the alarm, you will also receive a signal and push message every time your bike is moved without your permission. This feature provides an additional layer of security and ensures that you are always aware of any movement or activity related to your bike.

Other features

  • Additional battery¬†for a reliable GPS signal, even if the e-bike battery is removed!
  • Monitor your bicycle from anywhere with the PowUnity App.¬†Free app and free GPS package for the first year!
  • Bike Pass:¬†All the information about your e-bike in an app, so that everyone knows: Your e-bike belongs to you!


Bleeper offers a standard 12-month warranty protecting you against any defects. This does not affect the manufacturer’s warranty. 







Equipped with BAFANG canbus electrical cable system to assure seamless communication between all electrical elements for a problem free ride every day!

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Kieran Binchy

‚ÄúWe learnt from experience that theft of an electric cargo bike can happen so easily, so after we (very luckily) recovered our electric cargo bike, we installed a Bike Trax GPS tracker on it.It is great to be able to monitor the bike at all times. The added security, both at home and when out and about with the bike, has restored our confidence and given us great peace of mind.‚ÄĚ

Paddy Byrne, Life Pharmacy

‚ÄúOur cargo bike has become a core element of our business, improving our delivery times and reducing our carbon footprint.Adding a GPS tracker to the cargo bike made perfect sense to me: It‚Äôs an extra layer of security which protects a key asset.‚ÄĚ


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 Feel free to leave your questions to us. We will reply to you within 24 hours!